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BayFirst Financial Corp. (f/k/a First Home Bancorp, Inc.) is a registered bank holding company which commenced operations on September 1, 2000. Its primary source of income is from its wholly owned subsidiary, BayFirst National Bank (f/k/a First Home Bank), which commenced business operations on February 12, 1999. BayFirst National Bank, a national banking association, serves the broad spectrum of consumers and small businesses in the Tampa Bay region and is supported by a national SBA lending business line. BayFirst utilizes this national business line to provide financial support for the delivery and expansion of traditional banking services, and to serve as a specialized lead product to introduce the Bank to new customers in the Tampa Bay region. BayFirst Financial Corp. strives to be a progressive institution in its products & services, technology, design, and social responsibility.

For more information about BayFirst National Bank's products and services, visit: www.BayFirstFinancial.com

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