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BayFirst Financial Corp. (f/k/a First Home Bancorp, Inc.) is a registered bank holding company which commenced operations on September 1, 2000. Its primary source of income is from its wholly owned subsidiary, BayFirst National Bank (f/k/a First Home Bank), which commenced business operations on February 12, 1999. BayFirst National Bank, a national banking association, serves the broad spectrum of consumers and small businesses in the Tampa Bay region, supported by national business lines in residential and SBA lending. BayFirst utilizes these national business lines to provide financial support for the delivery and expansion of traditional banking services, and to serve as specialized lead products to introduce the Bank to new customers in the Tampa Bay region. BayFirst Financial Corp. strives to be a progressive institution in its products & services, technology, design, and social responsibility.

For more information about BayFirst National Bank's products and services, visit: www.BayFirstFinancial.com

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